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Toward Tax Fairness

During the 2022 legislative session, Colorado lawmakers passed SB22-233 which gave all Coloradans an equal $750 state refund. This marks a major step forward from the past 30 years of TABOR, where the wealthiest Coloradans received the largest rebates. Elected officials need to back a fair tax code and we will support candidates that do so.

When state leaders prioritize fairness, hardworking Coloradans get the support they need to take care of their families. Now, let’s keep the momentum going by fighting for more fairness throughout our state tax code.

Coloradans who are making more than $265,000 had $950 from their rebate redistributed to those making less than $91,000 so that all Coloradans got an equal state rebate.

Currently, 80 percent of Coloradans – those making under $113,000 annually – pay an effective tax rate of 8.7 percent. The top 1 percent – those making more than $600,000 annually – pay only 6.5 percent.

Proposition 121 is a con.

NO on 121

No on Proposition 121

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Join us in fighting for a progressive tax code and a thriving future, together

Corporations and the wealthiest few have rigged the system so they can keep more of what they have, while asking you to pick up the tab.

That’s exactly what’s going on when you’re asked to make across-the-board tax rate cuts.

For the median Coloradan – someone who makes nearly $37,000 annually, that’s $55 in annual tax savings. But the proponents are hiding the other consequences of this initiative.

Revenue to fund everything in your community has to come from somewhere. So while you and your neighbors will have slightly lower state income tax bills every April, local governments will have to raise sales and property taxes, and fees in order to make up the difference.

The state will also have less money coming in, and in the near-term that means you will get less in TABOR rebates. But consider that in future years that tax rate cut will mean $400 million less in money the state uses for teacher salaries, public safety, mental health care, roads and much more.

A fair tax code is one in which the wealthiest Coloradans pay their fair share to fund the services that help us all get ahead

Taxes fund roads and public transportation, education and after-school programs, child care for working parents, mental health and public safety services, and more. In the end, a fair tax code means you won’t have to pay out of your own pocket to provide for your family, and more opportunities to see our hard work and innovation flourish.

To build a fairer state that supports economic mobility, we need to protect the progress we have made, and continue to build toward a better, more equitable Colorado. Nearly every election, extremely wealthy and powerful groups pump millions of dollars into our state in order to put new income tax cuts on the ballot. These tax cuts give 24 percent of the money to the top 1 percent

We can say NO to flat tax cut initiatives funded by corporations and wealthy elites, and we can demand a better, fairer solution.

The better solution is a fair tax code that means lower taxes for everyday Coloradans, and a structure where the wealthy and corporations finally pay what they owe. This means Colorado families keep more of the money they earn through their hard work. It means Colorado’s children, the future of our state, can get a better education and achieve their potential. And it means safer, more prosperous, and thriving communities for all of us to live in.

Securing Retirement

Treasurer Young has a track record of leading on issues that are important to Coloradans. He has earned your vote.

Colorado Treasurer Dave Young has been a driving force behind the creation of the state’s Secure Savings program, which ensures that every Coloradan has access to a retirement savings account. Too many hardworking Coloradans, especially people of color, don’t have adequate resources to support a comfortable retirement.

Treasurer Young, a former lawmaker and school teacher, has been a strong leader in creating the state’s Secure Savings program, which will ensure a dignified retirement for Colorado workers. More than half of Colorado workers in the private sector don’t have an employee-sponsored retirement program. Many of them are low-income workers.

SB20-200 created a plan for  Individual Retirement Account for Colorado workers who don’t have an employee plan.Treasurer Young has been working hard to make that idea a reality.

Protecting Your Hard-Earned Money Against Scammers

Attorney General Weiser is the right choice for Colorado. He has earned your vote.

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser has been working to protect Colorado consumers against scammers, going after those who use underhanded tactics to cheat hardworking Coloradans.

Attorney General Weiser was a leader in the effort to strengthen the Colorado Consumer Protection Act through HB19-1289, a huge victory for Colorado consumers.

He pushed for the first statewide Office of Financial Empowerment, which the General Assembly created in 2021. It helps everyday Coloradans get access to safe and affordable financial services.

And Attorney General Weiser is working hard with federal partners to protect you from identity theft, robocalls and bad behavior by airlines.